See how these manufacturers enhance productivity by partnering with LNS, the leader in machine tool peripherals.

Short Automatic Bar Feeds

Bar Diameters:  1/4" to 4-3/4"
Bar Length:  12" to 63"
(not to exceed overall lenght of spindle)


Fixed and Sliding Headstock
Automatic Bar Feeds

Bar Diameters:  .078" to 3-1/8"
Bar Length:  6' and 12'

Communications System

Share real-time data between the CNC controller and an LNS bar feeder

Filtering Chip Conveyors

Filtration levels 50, 250, and 500 microns


Central Processing Chip Conveyor   

Custom designed for a specific facility

Air Filtration

Elimination of mist, aerosols, and smoke typical of wet machining operations

Phasep Tramp Oil Removal System   

Improve metal working fluid life by at least 100%, reducing the need for new coolant 

Automatic Work Support Systems

Steady rest packages available in a variety of models from .2” capacity to the size that fits your largest application